August 30th!

There’s nothing like spending your birthday knowing that God’s grace is upon you.

I know that I share this special day with my friend and brother;ย and I just hope and pray that he too is blessed beyond measure in yet another season that Father God has granted us with.

My Grade 11s sang to me when I least expected it. Then there was the Aero chocolate, wrist accessory and chocolate doughnut from my mentor ;)… I indulged in that doughnut like it was the last one on earth. And one of the Grade 12s walked in while I was secretly dancing to the tunes it made in my mouth…yum

Then finally, Visual Art classes came. I am so looking forward to seeing the portraits of the Grades 10 & 11. Wait, this is supposed to be about me and my birthday.

Came 12:00, and I had to shoot off to campus; back to student like…we had rugby to once again play. Did I feel like it today? Nope! But once I changed into my sports gear, I was in #beastmode. yeah!! I was praying that I don’t fall, and if I did…I don’t fall hard…then it happened…It started raining ๐Ÿ˜ฅ BUMMER!!!

So, what now? I guess it’s back to student life and just work on upcoming assignments. Right? Yeah… Gotta work towards getting that Teaching Degree if I wanna impact the youth ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs today…this morning my mentor put on her BethelMusic cd and well, she blessed me more than her super warm hugs and advice.

Let’s do this again next year… ๐Ÿ™‚


Women’s Day

There’s nothing much to say about this day, except that it’s Women’s Day and that I hope every woman has a blessed commemoration to this day.

I spent the day working on a lesson plan for my visual art class. I helped my son with his Afrikaans and Social Science homeworks. So, there was not much rest on this public holiday…not for me. But then again, Women’s Day is not about rest, right? I think Women’s Day is not celebrated daily, though we’re women daily…so today is a reminder to being the best woman one can be on a daily basis.

Back to Student life…

Monday was back to varsity…so, it was yay and nay. In a lecture hall that’s normally filled with 105 students, we were about quarter of that number. I never even realised that we were such a large group…blame it on sitting in the front row. I was super excited, I felt like “I got this”.

First lecture, new semester and new lecturer…ten minutes into his introduction, I realised “uh-oh we’re in trouble”. So, two hours later we had formed groups for an assignment that’s due in August, 28th, elected his little helper and were told of November exams…and got a tiny bit annoyed and it was not even 9 o’clock yet.ย homework

Last lecture of the day…well, I’d received homework; research two Educational Theorists that speak to me. Forget about Gibbs & his Reflective Cycle, no matter how much he


speaks or sings to me…someone underrated has to speak to me. Well, I can’t really talk about who I found because some of my peers visit my blog every now and then. That’ll be called cheating or even worse, showing them my homework and they submit theirs before mineย cry

Let me talk about today ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so nervous because I have sport. One of my modules is Team Sport (Soccer, Rugby & Netball). So, I didn’t know what was in store for me…for everyone who chose Team Sport instead of other sport codes. Anyways, the first session was running a zigzag line in the filed…LOVED it! Second & last session was


practicals… D-R-I-L-L-S! I couldn’t believe just how those reminded me of my high school days. Well, I played soccer. Yes, I did and I loved it. Back to today, it was different; both genders were on field and it was quite amusing watching students being careful not to mess their hairstyles or mess their nails. It was the funniest thing ever, I honestly did not think such behaviour is witnessed outside the TV screens. I am looking forward to next Wednesday and see what happens. I couldn’t help but wonder about my involvement in my host high school’s soccer team next term, when they return from recess. Before we get to Wednesday or high school’s next term, let’s get through Friday first. I understand that there’s a class presentation and some assignments are being returned…o well, let’s wait and see.


Wait for me…

I’ve never heard of this man, ever! until I listened to this song a while back. I think I was watching “Wait for Me” by Rebecca St. James on youtube and this was next in line??

I thought I’d share it without you. I am not sure what it meant for me, or what it’ll mean for you…but to be honest, I played it while writing another assignment…student life! and when I clicked on the tab to see what was happening in the video, the couple was writing letters to each other ๐Ÿ™‚

It doesn’t take so much to get my attention, but hey, I love handwritten notes & letters. There’s a certain emotion they resonate within ๐Ÿ™‚

This Student on exams…

I am not too sure why the thought of exams freaked me out…maybe it’s because I have not written exams in years. I tell you, my body broke down; literally – pimples, boils, twitching legs, sleepless nights…the whole nine yards.

Prior to the exams was the Creative Arts and Visual Art Journals that needed to be handed in for marking. Surely, I had all the paperwork with me; the written notes, handouts, printouts, referral artworks, department of Education documents, and yet I still panicked. I am not sure what freaked me out, realising that in a few days time I would be marked by my Visual Art/Creative Arts Mentor or by both my major teaching methods lecturers or maybe just that I knew that exams were around the corner. Funny enough I found myself having one of the best experiences of my life at my host school. The nitty-gritty of high school; the diverse personalities of the learners…

exam overwhelmed.jpg

I visited the doctor 3 times in a space of two weeks. He wasn’t impressed, at all. Maybe I should have gone to a doctor who does not know my history, because my GP just let rip. He made me write down what I’d been doing AND eating weeks before, and on another consultation he made me write a letter to myself. He’s amazing though.

Lesson learned: I need to rest, take it easy and just remember to take my own advise “listen to your body”.

exam stress

But on the real now, we need to revise the form of assessments we have. I look at high scholars and the number of subjects they have to study for in preparation for exams, in such a short amount of time. There is so much work to cover, so much work to study and yes some can manage…what about the learners who cannot manage? Sometimes it is not because they are not studying or even doing their homework or revisions, the work overwhelms them? What are we doing to help those learners? Are we actually doing something, if anything, to help them?

Dear No One

I’d be walking along the street, cooking or doing something that would trigger an effect that would set a certain effect and this song would be echoing in the background of what I’m doing…and we’re taught that real-life has no background music huh!

This is my soundtrack though.

“I don’t really like big crowds, I tend to shut people out. I like my space yeah, but I’d love to have a soulmate and God’ll give him to me some day and I know it’ll be worth the wait…”

As much as I love it, I must say that I tend to feel that it’s revealing a lot about me that I’d like to remain in my world.

It still remains my soundtrack, I guess until my “no one” surfaces…


Student or Teacher?

My journey began on the 6th February when I found myself sitting in a lecture hall filled with almost a hundred of hungry students… Education students, who desire to be high school teachers.

It hadn’t dawn to me yet that this was in fact reality. I was having fun, enjoying where I was and the thought of the end-result just got me even more excited. I’d be a Teacher, finally! Me!!! A Teacher!!!

Little did I know that this wasn’t like my previous degree. This was nothing like the Fine Art Department, nor was it anything like being a worker at any Museum…this was university…no, wait…it was school. Books! Books! Books!! And endless talking, well teaching. This seems so new. When last did I experience someone stand before me, take authority and try to persuade me with theories and philosophies they were trying to present to me, in hopes that I would receive them and take them as the real deal???? Oh my, was Paulo Freire (Dr Dali) indeed correct? “Teaching and learning are courageous acts of discovery”…

I did not vow that I would daily make records of what I was doing or experiencing. Only today did I think, “oh well, let’s see…” The past 3 months feel like 23 months of schooling…the amount of work in such a short period of time is just crazy, no wonder there has been those who fell along the wayside and bodies have started breaking down… no weekend, no vac, just work, work and some more work…

Teacher or Student?

This year began on an interesting note. It started off as a Display Artist/Exhibits Officer/All-rounder…whatever title they put on, I took it and wore with pride…

Ever found yourself in a place where you knew that you were destined for greatness and did not know when it would happen or how, but you knew that you had to take the leap of faith…step out?

Well, it happened for me…finally.

It may have taken me over 6 years, but hey, let me tell you one thing…I was meant to learn more in those years that I would use where I currently am at.

I must have been about 7 or 8 years old when I said to myself “I will be a teacher when I grow up and not be as mean as my Health Education teacher”…of course years later I laughed this off.

Now, I have a long story to share, it’s not long…it’s not long either…just that I have lots to say and try and make you see exactly what I mean about what I am trying to say.

Let’s journey on then…


In the past few days I’ve been wondering about this word…peace… Just what does it truly mean? Yes, I’ve seen the two-fingers gestures and am not entirely convinced that all those who flash it really know what it means or even mean it.

Peace Defined

According to Collins Concise Dictionary it is “a state of stillness, silence or serenity.” (2004:1102). I love that word; serenity. Is that truly what peace means?

I asked my son for his definition and he says “to be calm” and “not to have violence”.

When you go thru the New Testament, it is so amazing how the Apostle Paul emphasizes on “peace” in his letters. I chose him because he hold a dear place in my life. It shows that peace is quite vital in one’s life. I mean when we’re alone, far away from the day-to-day noise; thoughts, busy schedules and all; we find a way to this quiet place…to this peace that just isn’t swayed by frivolous things that tend to steal this peace from us.

So, all in all peace is reaching a certain confidence in quietness within, where there is great stillness and no noise (violence)…

Stolen Peace

It is so ironic that just when I was searching for the true meaning of this word, I have had to face circumstances that “rattled my cage” – in the words of my dearest friends, Wild. I think it took almost 7 days to acknowledge that this was happening. I won’t bore you with the long details of what took place, but when I started pondering on the same thing over and over, I knew something what down… Anyways, one may wonder why it took such a long time. Well, I’m in my 30’s and have been looking forward to my 40’s since the day I turned 30. In the process of being excited of my 40th birthday, I have learned to dismiss every opinion that come from those who don’t hold a title in my heart or life. Some have labelled this as cruel, but hey, it’s how I have come to be at “peace”. If you are irrelevant in my life and you share your perception of me, it don’t matter to me. It’s almost like that one ant that you cross paths with in your kitchen and doesn’t influence you in any way. That one “oh well” type of moments.
Don’t get me wrong here, I am one of the most passionate persons I know. I love people. In fact, I love too much, and in order for my love not to be misdirected; I choose whose influence to accept in my life and whose influence not to accept.

So, what have I learned this past week regarding this word? I have learned that we all seek it at the end of the day. Some of us do dubious things to get to that “peaceful” place, and some of us meditate…well, at the moment I am listening to Loyiso Bala’s Kingdom Come album…well, frankly I have listened to it everyday since I bought it a few months ago. (currently playing is Jesus Speaks… I’m not advertising but hey, get it on iTunes…

Jesus Speaks

“we will be synchronized, keep you wrapped in my embrace.

I’ll take you to paradise, yes I’ll take your restless place;

where I’ll be yours and you will be mine;

and forever you’ll shine and when you call I won’t let you fall..” Now, to me, these words imply a definite peace.

I am

This proves that not every woman has the crab disease…real women are about love, impact and growth.

Thoughts and Perceptions

I am
A sister, mother, daughter, wife
Thanks to my roots
And the branches that gave me fruits
I have been sucking a sweet nutritious nectar from the one who birthed me
The rand has not been a factor
The air I breathed has had a toxic mix
But through her my blood has served as ventilators
And cleared the darkness

I am
A woman
Thanks to my sisters
And the unending love that gave me truths In a time of pretence, back stabbing and lies
I have learned to have faith through ties
That help heal the soul when deception flies To cries that eventually die

I am
A river
Flowing through streams
Like red running through our veins
Thanks to these women
Who have raised me up when I needed a lift
Not because I asked! Because they felt
Prayed with me and for me Giving without seekingโ€ฆ

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