August 30th!

There’s nothing like spending your birthday knowing that God’s grace is upon you.

I know that I share this special day with my friend and brother; and I just hope and pray that he too is blessed beyond measure in yet another season that Father God has granted us with.

My Grade 11s sang to me when I least expected it. Then there was the Aero chocolate, wrist accessory and chocolate doughnut from my mentor ;)… I indulged in that doughnut like it was the last one on earth. And one of the Grade 12s walked in while I was secretly dancing to the tunes it made in my mouth…yum

Then finally, Visual Art classes came. I am so looking forward to seeing the portraits of the Grades 10 & 11. Wait, this is supposed to be about me and my birthday.

Came 12:00, and I had to shoot off to campus; back to student like…we had rugby to once again play. Did I feel like it today? Nope! But once I changed into my sports gear, I was in #beastmode. yeah!! I was praying that I don’t fall, and if I did…I don’t fall hard…then it happened…It started raining 😥 BUMMER!!!

So, what now? I guess it’s back to student life and just work on upcoming assignments. Right? Yeah… Gotta work towards getting that Teaching Degree if I wanna impact the youth 😉

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs today…this morning my mentor put on her BethelMusic cd and well, she blessed me more than her super warm hugs and advice.

Let’s do this again next year… 🙂


Women’s Day

There’s nothing much to say about this day, except that it’s Women’s Day and that I hope every woman has a blessed commemoration to this day.

I spent the day working on a lesson plan for my visual art class. I helped my son with his Afrikaans and Social Science homeworks. So, there was not much rest on this public holiday…not for me. But then again, Women’s Day is not about rest, right? I think Women’s Day is not celebrated daily, though we’re women daily…so today is a reminder to being the best woman one can be on a daily basis.