Back to Student life…

Monday was back to varsity…so, it was yay and nay. In a lecture hall that’s normally filled with 105 students, we were about quarter of that number. I never even realised that we were such a large group…blame it on sitting in the front row. I was super excited, I felt like “I got this”.

First lecture, new semester and new lecturer…ten minutes into his introduction, I realised “uh-oh we’re in trouble”. So, two hours later we had formed groups for an assignment that’s due in August, 28th, elected his little helper and were told of November exams…and got a tiny bit annoyed and it was not even 9 o’clock yet. homework

Last lecture of the day…well, I’d received homework; research two Educational Theorists that speak to me. Forget about Gibbs & his Reflective Cycle, no matter how much he


speaks or sings to me…someone underrated has to speak to me. Well, I can’t really talk about who I found because some of my peers visit my blog every now and then. That’ll be called cheating or even worse, showing them my homework and they submit theirs before mine cry

Let me talk about today 🙂 I was so nervous because I have sport. One of my modules is Team Sport (Soccer, Rugby & Netball). So, I didn’t know what was in store for me…for everyone who chose Team Sport instead of other sport codes. Anyways, the first session was running a zigzag line in the filed…LOVED it! Second & last session was


practicals… D-R-I-L-L-S! I couldn’t believe just how those reminded me of my high school days. Well, I played soccer. Yes, I did and I loved it. Back to today, it was different; both genders were on field and it was quite amusing watching students being careful not to mess their hairstyles or mess their nails. It was the funniest thing ever, I honestly did not think such behaviour is witnessed outside the TV screens. I am looking forward to next Wednesday and see what happens. I couldn’t help but wonder about my involvement in my host high school’s soccer team next term, when they return from recess. Before we get to Wednesday or high school’s next term, let’s get through Friday first. I understand that there’s a class presentation and some assignments are being returned…o well, let’s wait and see.



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