This Student on exams…

I am not too sure why the thought of exams freaked me out…maybe it’s because I have not written exams in years. I tell you, my body broke down; literally – pimples, boils, twitching legs, sleepless nights…the whole nine yards.

Prior to the exams was the Creative Arts and Visual Art Journals that needed to be handed in for marking. Surely, I had all the paperwork with me; the written notes, handouts, printouts, referral artworks, department of Education documents, and yet I still panicked. I am not sure what freaked me out, realising that in a few days time I would be marked by my Visual Art/Creative Arts Mentor or by both my major teaching methods lecturers or maybe just that I knew that exams were around the corner. Funny enough I found myself having one of the best experiences of my life at my host school. The nitty-gritty of high school; the diverse personalities of the learners…

exam overwhelmed.jpg

I visited the doctor 3 times in a space of two weeks. He wasn’t impressed, at all. Maybe I should have gone to a doctor who does not know my history, because my GP just let rip. He made me write down what I’d been doing AND eating weeks before, and on another consultation he made me write a letter to myself. He’s amazing though.

Lesson learned: I need to rest, take it easy and just remember to take my own advise “listen to your body”.

exam stress

But on the real now, we need to revise the form of assessments we have. I look at high scholars and the number of subjects they have to study for in preparation for exams, in such a short amount of time. There is so much work to cover, so much work to study and yes some can manage…what about the learners who cannot manage? Sometimes it is not because they are not studying or even doing their homework or revisions, the work overwhelms them? What are we doing to help those learners? Are we actually doing something, if anything, to help them?


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