Dear No One

I’d be walking along the street, cooking or doing something that would trigger an effect that would set a certain effect and this song would be echoing in the background of what I’m doing…and we’re taught that real-life has no background music huh!

This is my soundtrack though.

“I don’t really like big crowds, I tend to shut people out. I like my space yeah, but I’d love to have a soulmate and God’ll give him to me some day and I know it’ll be worth the wait…”

As much as I love it, I must say that I tend to feel that it’s revealing a lot about me that I’d like to remain in my world.

It still remains my soundtrack, I guess until my “no one” surfaces…



Student or Teacher?

My journey began on the 6th February when I found myself sitting in a lecture hall filled with almost a hundred of hungry students… Education students, who desire to be high school teachers.

It hadn’t dawn to me yet that this was in fact reality. I was having fun, enjoying where I was and the thought of the end-result just got me even more excited. I’d be a Teacher, finally! Me!!! A Teacher!!!

Little did I know that this wasn’t like my previous degree. This was nothing like the Fine Art Department, nor was it anything like being a worker at any Museum…this was university…no, wait…it was school. Books! Books! Books!! And endless talking, well teaching. This seems so new. When last did I experience someone stand before me, take authority and try to persuade me with theories and philosophies they were trying to present to me, in hopes that I would receive them and take them as the real deal???? Oh my, was Paulo Freire (Dr Dali) indeed correct? “Teaching and learning are courageous acts of discovery”…

I did not vow that I would daily make records of what I was doing or experiencing. Only today did I think, “oh well, let’s see…” The past 3 months feel like 23 months of schooling…the amount of work in such a short period of time is just crazy, no wonder there has been those who fell along the wayside and bodies have started breaking down… no weekend, no vac, just work, work and some more work…

Teacher or Student?

This year began on an interesting note. It started off as a Display Artist/Exhibits Officer/All-rounder…whatever title they put on, I took it and wore with pride…

Ever found yourself in a place where you knew that you were destined for greatness and did not know when it would happen or how, but you knew that you had to take the leap of faith…step out?

Well, it happened for me…finally.

It may have taken me over 6 years, but hey, let me tell you one thing…I was meant to learn more in those years that I would use where I currently am at.

I must have been about 7 or 8 years old when I said to myself “I will be a teacher when I grow up and not be as mean as my Health Education teacher”…of course years later I laughed this off.

Now, I have a long story to share, it’s not long…it’s not long either…just that I have lots to say and try and make you see exactly what I mean about what I am trying to say.

Let’s journey on then…