Case of the School Uniform

June has been deemed as Youth Month in South Africa, and for quite some time I have been wondering what it really means. I have looked at how the youth wears their school uniform; how they handle themselves and others around them. What common factors do they share with their peers, seniors and juniors… So, I have decided to be dressed in my high school’s full uniform and journey on in this “youth life” once more.

Today marks my 7th day in this attire. Already I have noticed a few things that I am happy and some not so happy about. I have visited the same shopping centres/malls that I visit in IMG_20160602_130257 copymy “normal attire” and the attitudes of some people that I had once labelled as amazing was surprising. Like on my 5th day; I went to the same Pick ‘n Pay that I enjoy visiting and I was shocked at the effect a school uniform had carried. I was assisted by someone I would give a 5/5 every time I visited the store. She always carries a smile and assists me like I was her very first customer for the day; even at 18:00. Now, this Tuesday it was just after 17:00 and I was in my school uniform. There was no response to my usual “Good afternoon ma’am”, her smile had disappeared and she did not scan all my items…and she made me pack my own things. As I was leaving her Express Till, I called her by name and she finally looked at my face, and when she recognised me her response was “I thought you were these annoying school kids”. Woah! Major disappointment.

I visited the same Spar that I visit to buy my chocolates from and it was so funny how they embraced the cause and there was no change in attitude when they assisted me in school uniform. Maybe this is because they are already surrounded by two high schools in the vicinity? Maybe this is because they just treat each customer with the same level of respect? Well done Spar Tellers & Packers & Merchandisers. I must admit that it was kind of funny when I had to give some of them a nudge so that they would recognise me again…

In any case, I have learned that I am a “greeter”, in general. I greet a lot of people (including strangers) on any given day and they greet back. Since I have been in school uniform, some have been reluctant to greet back, some have given me weird looks and yesterday one said “I haven’t seen a schoolchild who greets elders they aren’t related to in ages. What’s your surname? Where are you from?”. Woah! I was amazed. So, the youth of today have missed the mark on manners? Could this be because we as parents have failed to pour down the same values that our parents had taught us? Or maybe “democracy” has given them the “right” not to uphold those standards? Mmmmh, maybe it’s because of the culture they have adopted? Or maybe it’s because there is so much distrust in the world? Or maybe it’s just the “way of this generation”…either way, I remember how I was told and shown to treat elders in a certain way and this is what I have taught my son from early on, even in this “scary” world we live in. I’m not claiming to be perfect here, surely I’ve missed the mark more than a couple of times too; especially as a teen; but I’ve got this now and that’s what matters…


No Season

I walk along a long stretch of road,
where I encounter numerous valleys and hills,
My mind consumed with thoughts of you.
I wonder to myself if every step I take leads me further or closer to you.

Surrounded with great company, yet I find myself alone,
deep in the thoughts of the possibility of you and I;
I cannot help but wonder if I am alone in this,
Could I be alone in this or do you too wonder about me?

Different scenes of how we will meet play out daily in my head.
Daydreaming about you only hurts in the end;
For I no longer want to meet where seasons do not exist;
Maybe my strides are too long for you to catch up,
Next I see stop sign, maybe I should wait there for you.
At the crossroads where you and I made an appointment to meet up;
This cannot be just one-sided because you take up my time.

New beginnings…and memories of me

For months long I started writing notes on my macbook after I had lost my gran; who was more of a mom and best friend to me. I could not see passed and beyond the landmark of our last conversation. I said “I still love you so much young lady”… “see you next weekend”, to which she responded “dress very smart”…who knew that the weekend we talked about would be that of her funeral?

When I eventually got passed choosing my username, this time around, I knew this was a new beginning for me. I am yet to see how things go, but all I can do is be me and write what sits well deep within. So, let thopefaith journey on…